Lalitha Jewellery Owner, Kiran Kumar Net Worth | Income, Salary | Biography

Estimated Net Worth of Kiran Kumar is around ₹15 + Crore.

(Numbers are estimated/approx.)

  • 2018 - 11,000 Crore
  • 2019 - 15,000 Crore
  • 2020 - Aimed to be 50,000 Crore
  • Name –  Kiran Kumar
  • Profession – Businessman ( Chairman and Managing Director of Lalitha Jewellery).
  • Age – ​N/A
  • Date of Birth – ​N/A

Major Sources of Income:

  • Business - Lalitha Jewellery

There are 15 branches of Lalitha Jewellery Showrooms all across India.

NameKiran Kumar (Lalitha Jewellery owner)

Lalitha Jewellery Owner Kiran Kumar Tips for Gold Buyers :(Recommended to Watch)

  • Lalitha Jewellery Owner Net Worth in Rupees is ₹15 + Crore.

Kiran Kumar (owner of Lalitha Jewellery)- Men Behind Lalitha Jewellery:

Kiran Kumar is the chairman and managing director of one of Lalitha Jewellery.

Kiran Kumar was born in Nellore and he began his career in Chennai.

He was born in a middle class family and started his Gold business by selling his mother’s gold bangle.

He launched the first Lalitha Jewellery Showroom in Chennai in 1983 and later that year Kiran Kumar started expanding his business in south India.

He opened showrooms in Tirupati, Chennai and in Hyderabad, the Lalitha Jewellery Showrooms have become a brand and people trust this company to deliver quality gold at stellar prices, Lalitha jewelry is quickly drawing the attention of the people.

As of now, there are 15 branches of Lalitha Jewellery Showrooms all across India.

Kiran Kumar is very often seen in TVs giving Ads for the gold.

Kiran Kumar in a recent interview said “At age seven, I had struggled for a decent meal at home. I joined the jewelry trade as a child worker. Formal education was out of the question.

The experience of a tough life turned out to be my teacher. This is why I am able to understand the hardships of a common man better than most other jewelers.

Lalita Jewelers started with a back-to-back entrepreneurial perspective. Before starting this M. Kiran Kumar had over 20 years of experience in Bullion Parish.

Who is the owner of Lalitha Jewellery?

Kiran Kumar is owner of Lalitha Jewellery.

Kiran Kumar With His Family:

Lalitha Jewellery Owner, Kiran Kumar with his family

Lalitha Jewellery Owner, Kiran Kumar with his wife

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