Jeff Bezos's Net Worth, Property & Profession

Name – Jeff Bezos Profession – American Entrepreneur Age – 57 Years Date of Birth – 12 January 1964

Jeff Bezos is an American entrepreneur, investor, and computer engineer. His full name is Jeffrey Preston Bezos. He is the founder and executive chairman of Amazon. 

Earlier he has served as the president and CEO in Amazon.

Estimated Net Worth of Jeff Bezos: Net worth in billion dollars - $202 billion. Net worth in crore  - 8,29,520 crores 

He has graduated from Princeton University in 1986.

He has founded his private space travel company Blue Origin in 2000.

Most of His Net Worth Comes from Amazon Stock!

He started his first business when he was in high school.

Bezos almost named his company Cadabra instead of Amazon.